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Art for Anglers - Display the Experience and Relive the Moment

Paul Nickless

Art for Anglers is the Sport Fishing / Marine artwork of artist and avid angler Paul C. Nickless. Whether feisty Sailfish and other Ocean predators off the Florida coast, Nile perch in Egypt or Pacific coast salmon and trout, Paul loves to fish. He is an accomplished fine artist who has brought his talent to the world of Sport fishing. Art for anglers, those who love to fish and people with an appreciation for the outdoor lifestyle. Original Paintings and Prints - Using traditional paint brushes, as well as pallet knives, Paul paints in a vigorous style. An original Art for Anglers painting or print is sure to highlight your Art and Sport fishing trophy collection. Catch an original painting or edition print before they get away! Commissions - Have you made The Catch of a Lifetime? Art for Anglers can dynamically recreate your experience. All you need to do is supply a detailed description and Paul will capture the moment in oil or acrylic paint: the fish, the conditions, the environment, and any other important elements, allowing you to relive that special battle whenever you like. Commissions are welcome and any and all game fish can be painted. Great art is a great alternative to taxidermy. The perfect solution when you do not have a lot of extra space, or your dream fish is a catch and release. Art also makes a thoughtful gift idea for that special angler in your life. And, your organization, charter or club will find that an original painting, commission or edition print from Art for Anglers will be an ideal trophy or display (deposit required on all commissioned work).

Northern Pike or Muskie oil painting Rainbow trout oil painting Walleye oil painting

All paintings at are the copyright property of Paul Nickless. Last updated 03/18/2013